Sunday, June 8, 2008

Goodbye Willow

A very strong wind blew through on Friday night. I'd say it was a strong storm, but really the rain was minimal. It was more like a low pressure system blowing through very quickly. It took this old black willow tree down. This tree has stood on the farthest southeast corner of the property since I can remember. It was marked for removal anyway, mother nature just decided to help us out with the most dangerous part.

It missed the road by a matter of feet. The funny part is we didn't even know the tree fell until last night as we left for my in-laws for a birthday party. Jim and I were very surprised when we drove by and saw that the willow was down.

We're going to wait a few days for cooler weather to arrive, then cut the tree up for campfire wood. At one time, willow wood was used to make artificial limbs but that ended with the arrival of modern materials. The last photo shows Derek, who is 5' 8" tall, standing next to the fallen willow for scale.


  1. Wow, mother nature does have a way of taking care of things! ~Kim

  2. Thank Goodness that tree fell while nobody was nearby!

  3. That's a big tree! Last winter I really hoped that a storm would take out a tree by the garden, but I had to do the dirty deed myself.

    Cooler weather would sure be nice! It looks like your temps are about like ours right now.



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