Saturday, March 1, 2008

Recent Bird Activity

I worked this week but I've been able to record some of the avian activity I have seen around the house. The photo was taken during the most recent snowstorm.

  • The Red-Winged Blackbirds have returned en masse. I have learned that the females look like large stripey sparrows. Not at all what I thought! Faaaaascinating! [Spock voice]

  • There are more Bald Eagles in our area than you can shake a stick at. Last weekend we were lucky enough to get to watch a pair of them land in my cousin's field, face into the wind and soak up the warm sun. One would stretch its wings in the wind once in a while but didn't fly off. They stood on the ground for the longest time.

  • I saw yet another Bald Eagle sitting in a tree along the road while on my way to work. Nice, big bird!

  • A juvenile Bald Eagle flew over the house on his way toward Magee Marsh. Big bird, flying with a purpose.

  • Bonnie and Clyde, our resident Red-Tailed Hawks are very active now. We get to see them regularly, soaring over the thermals created by the dark green windbreak. This means we can see them in their late afternoon routine as they make big circles in the sky.

  • A group of four unknown swans flew over last night. They seemed to take an interest in the pond but were quickly followed by Bonnie and Clyde. The swans made a lazy U-turn and left. I could see a pale yellow neck band on one of them. Big, fast flyers!

Raptor migration is under way now and I am going to have to call the BSBO to set up some volunteer time so I can help count raptors. It's a sunny but cold day today. Maybe I can get out there today. One of the great things about living on the twelve acres is that I don't have to go anywhere to bird watch. I can just walk around in the yard or in the windbreak, or just step out on the back deck and look up! I'm amazed at the number of large birds that are flying over this time of the year.


  1. Amy, you've been having some lovely birding experiences. Isn't it amazing how the female redwings look so different from the males. What a nice discovery for you! I always like to come here and see what's going on at the Twelve Acres!

  2. Hello Amy:
    I was just taking a peek at your blog, I really like your pictures.
    I rescued a baby Owl once after a real bad storm; he must have been blown out of his nest and was on the ground just calling for his mom. I took him in and kept him in a bird cage and fed him ground meat for a week. He kept jumping on the wire on the cage and his little feet started bleeding so I called the Vet. He gave me the number of the wildlife and fishery. I called them and they were 130 miles away but came and picked him up. He told me that I could have been fined up to $10.000.00 and some jail time for taking the Owl in and feeding him….. I asked why and he told me that it was a predatory bird and a protected species! This was in Louisiana.
    So much for that, I hope everyone there are in good health…………. JD


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