Saturday, March 29, 2008

Planting Day, Stage I

Last fall I ordered tons of perennials, shrubs and trees from various mail order suppliers, such as Michigan Bulb, Burgess and Arbor Day Foundation. I received three of those orders yesterday. I now have about 50 bulbs, perennials and shrubs to put in the ground today! I have never ordered from the discount suppliers before (Farmerseed, Burgess, Honeycreek) and I wanted to give them a try. Could they send me quality potted plants and rooted cuttings for a bargain price? The answer, apparently, is yes!

Notice the protective packaging they put the hydrangeas and butterfly bushes in. Pretty clever, eh? I inspected each of the plants last night as I separated them into boxes according to their final location. I found that they all survived shipping very well, even the very long stick-like Beauty Berry shrub. The bags contain the various lily bulbs, hostas and bare-root plants I ordered. If you've never ordered from any of the above companies, I highly recommend that you do.

This is only about a third of the plants and trees I ordered. There are many more to come...sigh. Although I complain about the planting work, I am thrilled to be working with such a large landscaping palette for the first time this year. I get to plant the plants I like and put them where I want them. I am not limited by size either, which is a big change for me. Moving from a tiny city lot to a huge country home is almost a shock to this gardener's system!

It's going to be a nice sunny spring day here at the Twelve Acres, just perfect for digging in the dirt. There is still a bit of snow on the ground from the last storm that passed through. But the sun will quickly melt it and then I can get out there and start planting. We are predicted to have rain tomorrow evening which will be perfect for watering in all the new transplants. I love it when the weather cooperates with my plans.


  1. What a nice motivator to get out and get your hands dirty. I am looking forward to seeing how you arrange things so I can get some of your artistic influences. I started an English cottage garden last year and now I am going to expand it. I like the idea of discount plants too! The plants I like and want can be so expensive. Have you heard of Peiris? I just saw some at Lowes for 19.95. THey are fabulous and usually outrageously expensive.

  2. I've been wanting to plant more berry bushes in the garden and based on your recommendation I checked out the Burgess site. I was so tempted by the amazing prices that I ordered on the spot. I guess I have a box of plants on the way to me now ;-)

  3. Don, I just LOVE English cottage gardens. They inspired me to try plants like foxgloves and lavender a few years ago. I am glad I did, they're wonderful plants! I've not heard of Peiris but I will look it up and find out about it.

    Owlman, I hope you like the bushes you ordered. I think you will have fun planting your new plants. The prices are great aren't they? When you get your order don't let the "dead stick" appearance scare you...they send the plants to you dormant and ready to come to life. Most of what they sell are propagated cuttings. Give them a chance and I think you'll be happy with them. Even a mighty oak comes from an acorn!


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