Sunday, March 30, 2008

Duckie Visitor

Spring is here and waterfowl visit the pond regularly this time of year. Today we had a female Lesser Scaup fishing in the pond. We got to watch her for a long time and it was a real treat. We enjoyed watching her dive and tried to figure out what she had in her bill each time she resurfaced. It seemed she was dining mainly on aquatic plants. I can only wonder what all the fish must have thought! She stayed for a few hours then left without even saying goodbye! Oh well, that's ducks for ya.

My hamstrings are incredibly sore from all the squatting I did yesterday while planting. I have to work tonight but will have the rest of the week off to recover. I must be a glutton for punishment because I ordered more plants last night. Somebody stop me.

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  1. Hi,saw that J.D. has you listed as a blog friend and decided to come on over for a visit.
    Hope that you and yous are haveing a great day.


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