Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rice Pudding Haiku

Jim requested rice pudding at dinner last night. Now, I'm not a big fan of rice in sweet dishes. To me, rice is a savory ingredient and should be treated as such. I was never a big fan of rice pudding, but I can eat it if I must.

So I made a big batch of rice pudding today and although I find the flavor appealing, the texture is not my favorite. If I were choosing foods at a buffet, I would pass by the rice pudding and opt for the apple pie instead. However, it was interesting to make and a good lesson in how starches transform the liquids around them when heat is applied at a slow and gentle pace.

And so, without further ado, I give you my Rice Pudding Haiku...

Contradictive dish,
Rice cloaked in sweetness and cream,
My tastebuds protest.


  1. Did I miss the announcement that it is Haiku week? Nice seventeen words! Actually, it's quite excellent.

    Sweet rice was the only kind I knew about until I was in high school. We didn't call it rice pudding.....just 'rice'. Mom cooked it for breakfast and we ate it warm with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Mmmmmm! I haven't had any in years.

  2. Excuse me, I meant to write syllables, not words!

  3. I've never had rice pudding, just has no appeal for me, and was never served in my home when I was growing up.

    I'll try anything though, and knowing the kind of cook you are, I'd certainly want to sample yours.

  4. looks yummy to me! I know what you mean about texture's so important in a dessert.

  5. LOL! I made rice pudding last night too! But yours looks much prettier than mine. I was even out of raisins, so nothing special, but I was hungry for it. I had it last night and this morning for breakfast!

  6. I love rice pudding, especially with lots of cinnamon and big plump raisins. Kelly hates raisins and rice, so I never make it here. But I still love it! It's also good warm, with chocolate chips sprinkled on it, because they start to melt.

  7. I love your Haiku. Very cute!

    But my tastebuds rejoice at the taste and texture of rice pudding. Yummo!
    Such a blissfully wonderful comfort food. It's the best made at home and still warm...with raisins and cinnamon.

    Yours looks scrumptious!


  8. I love both kinds of rice pudding, the kind that just uses milk and rice (raisins and cinnamon too of course) Always good on a cold morning with left-over rice. but my all time favorite is all eggy and wonderful and baked. My daughter made a large 13x9 pan of it the other day. It didn't last long at all.

  9. Susan, yes you missed the memo, obviously. We expect to see your haiku posted by the end of tonight!

    Joanna, you flatter me with your kind words! I think rice pudding is definitely a taste you have to grow up with to like.

    Cindy, texture is very important in a dessert, I agree.

    Sunny, what a coincidence!

    Claire, now you're talkin'! Put some chocolate in it...Mmmmm!

    Lanny, a 13 x 9 inch pan of the stuff. WOW.

  10. Here you go, Amy. You asked for it and you got it!

  11. Amy, I'm with you! I never could understand what all the enthusiasm was about! I do, however, like tapioca! Love the haiku! I'm glad I stopped by today!


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