Saturday, December 20, 2008

Iced Over!

The ice storm that passed through our area left a beautiful scene in its path.

We weren't able to get online all day Friday because our satellite antenna was iced up. We spent the entire day getting ready for my "Nothin' But Pie Party" so it's not like we missed it. More about the party in my next post...


  1. Amy, I had to put another log on the fire just looking at these pictures. BTW. 5 for 5 on my duck eggs. hehe!! Sorry, had to throw that in there. No chick eggs for weeks though.


  2. Chris, The light I put in the coop hasn't quite affected the girls yet. I got 4 eggs yesterday and only 2 so far today.

    Go ahead and enjoy those monstrous duck eggs. What a delicious treat during an ice storm!

  3. Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah, twelve yesterday and ten today! Want an omelet? :D

    We looked like that yesterday, too, but I was too lazy (and busy) to go out and take pics.

    It's weird, but we were getting all the satellite channels, but not the local channels (through the satellite). Go figure!

  4. Susan, you're a terrible tease! An omelet does sound good right about now. We're still frozen up and the trees look like glass. But at least I can get online tonight.

  5. Amy, Your pictures are lovely :)
    I bet the ice is nasty to be out and have to drive in, though. Are you getting another storm soon, too?

    Keep warm, dry and safe, my friend.

    And I hope you enjoyed some yummy pie for me. Pie.....Mmmm(sigh)

    New Mexico

  6. Lisa, it looks like we've got some more snow coming our way. It's also going to be in the single digits Sunday night. Brrr! I hope the chooks snuggle up together!


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