Sunday, November 9, 2008

World's Smallest Chicken

We celebrated Derek's birthday yesterday. He asked for a whole bunch of HO scale train stuff. He got some interesting buildings, little people doing various activities and a Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco barn. He also got a flock of geese and chickens. He is a happy 14 year old today and is very occupied with his new train components.

You have to see how tiny the chickens are! Here is one pecking Lincoln's ear. Can you believe it? Even at this scale chickens are horrible.

It's cold and drizzly here today. I'm baking a loaf of egg bread in the Breadman and keeping a sharp eye out for my renegade chickens. Wing clipping is in order tonight; there were 3 on the loose when I went out to release them from jail.


  1. Happy late birthday, Derek!!

    Amy- don't you wish sometimes roosters never got any bigger than that?? LOL

  2. Yes, but even at this diminutive size I bet this fella could still dig a three foot hole!

  3. Happy birthday to your boy. Egg bread is one of my kids favorites!

  4. Happy Birthday Derek Dude!

    My hubby collects HO trains. He's like a little boy who's never grown up. But he could have worse hobbies, right? We have way too many in our storage garage, though. gah.

    Check out that less than pint-sized plastic poultry! I wonder what it is that's growing in Lincoln's I really don't want to know. lol!

    Now, I'm wanting to go make some egg bread....mmmm!

    New Mexico

  5. I made the egg bread in my breadmaker for the first time last night!!

    It was the best bread we've made in that thing so far. It was so yummy.
    I'm making another loaf right now, as I type.
    I work so hard around here (as I fluff flour on my nose and flick some water~aka~sweat on my forehead) lol!

    Thanks for the gentle nudge into breadmaking again. We're all going to have nice big bread butts around here before winter is over :D


  6. Lisa, glad you are putting that bread maker to work! I made a loaf of French bread today and used it to make my own homemade garlic bread. YUM!


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