Friday, November 7, 2008

Breadman TR520

I was in Kmart tonight getting Derek a new winter coat when I walked by a display of bread makers that were marked $10 off their original price of $59.95. Now, whenever I want to keep myself from buying more than I intend to get, I don't get a cart. I just make myself hold everything which makes my arms ache after a while. It gives me a good reason to hurry up and get out of the store. I had an armload of items that I planned to purchase when I walked by that display. Damn! I had planned to get a bread maker this fall and here was a large display of them on sale! A beacon of light from heaven shown down on the shiny boxes. I got a cart.

I am perusing the instruction manual and trying to educate myself on the ins and outs of bread maker operation. I am so glad I asked for you all to recommend one to me. Thanks for all of your input! I like to hear advice from others whenever I venture into unknown territory, and bread makers are definitely new to me. Apparently this particular model is easy to use and gives good results. I won't know until I buy some yeast and give it a shot, hopefully tomorrow.

I am going to be very busy tomorrow making even more crock pot applesauce. I have a lot of Gala apples waiting in the fridge and the garage. I've got a brand new handy dandy peeler that should make the job much faster for me. I'll write more about that tomorrow though.

I am beyond frustrated with my chickens right now. They have begun going across the road into my cousin's yard. They were over there today while I was sleeping. When I woke up I looked out the window and there they all were, digging in her manicured flower beds! HORROR! I called them back over to our side of the road and penned them up immediately. I received a call from her while I was at Kmart. MORE HORROR! She is very nice and very understanding about it all. I've promised her that I will do whatever is in my power to prevent it from happening again just as she does whatever she can to keep her dog off my property. This means that the chickens will have to be penned while I'm not around to watch them. DAMN. Didn't I go through all this before when they were digging in my mulch and I had to put bird netting down on all of my flowerbeds? Apparently, twelve acres of land is not enough for my birds. Oh no they've got to invade my cousin's yard as well! I am so verklempt I could spit nails.


  1. Can't wait to see all the goodies that come out of your new breadmaker. We have one but it just doesn't seem to get much use for some reason. When we do use it, it works great. Glad you were able to find one on sale too !! That will make everything taste much


  2. Chris, I just hope there isn't a steep learning curve with this machine! I've got all sorts of ideas rolling around in my head now. I want to make some French bread and use it to make my own homemade garlic bread with roasted garlic and butter smeared on top! YUM!

  3. Congrats on the new breadmaker. I laughed reading about your cart situation. lol!

    I love my breadmaker. It's an older model and I've had it for about 10 years. Only thing I'd wish for is bigger loaves and a more normal-looking loaf shape. It looks more like I baked my bread inside of a can. haha!

    I'm looking forward to reading how your breadmaker works out for yuou :)

    New Mexico

  4. Lisa, thanks for the smile! This model has a horizontal bread pan. I know what you mean about the odd shaped loaves. I never could quite understand why some have the vertical pans. I mean, does anyone bake their bread standing on end??? LOL

    Oh I am soooo looking forward to homemade pizza crusts, pita pockets, cinnamon rolls....MMMMmmmm!

  5. I was just talking to my oldest daughter a few days ago about bread machines, and decided that was what I'd buy her for Christmas. Thanks, Your bread looks great. I made whole wheat buns yesterday with my bread machine, for me, I use the dough cycle, then; roll them out on a cookie sheet to rise, and in the oven they go. Love them with butter,honey, and cinnamon all mixed together and spread over the warm buns. Looks like Kmart will have a visitor today...

  6. Man-o-man, you're gonna be a bread baker now!!
    Hmmm... Kmart, did you say? I may have to go into town today... tee hee

    By the way- Amen on the last post!

  7. Mel and Paula, yes you must go to Kmart today and buy some Breadman bread makers. Then report back your experiences! Tonight I'm baking a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast Tuesday morning.


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