Saturday, November 8, 2008

It Slices! It Dices!

Time to make more slow cooker applesauce! I got out of bed at 9 and Derek and I got started. I had the bottom drawer of the fridge full of Gala apples that I'd picked up off the ground out in the orchard. I had a bucketful of them in the garage too.

I'd still be peeling if I hadn't gotten myself a handy dandy apple peeler. I first saw it on Chris's blog where he explained his method for making apple butter. It doesn't have the nostalgic look that my grandma's cast iron model had, but it does a great job of peeling all those apples. Derek was having too much fun with it and soon I was up to my elbows in peeled apples that needed to be cored and cleaned!

OK, so maybe it doesn't slice or dice, but it sure is a handy tool. All the peelings went right into the kitchen sink. Then Derek handed the apples to me and I cored them in one swift motion, pared off any bad parts and put them in the slow cookers. I've got both my 6 quart and my 3.5 quart slow cookers going and there's still another drawer full of apples left. I want to make two pies and freeze them, but I've still got to make Derek's birthday cake. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

All of the peelings and cores went out to the chickens who are on strict lock down today after their raid on my cousin's landscaping yesterday. I don't care how much they protest--they're not getting out today!

Once again, the house smells like apples and cinnamon!

I went to the grocery store after the apples were prepared and simmering. I picked up a jar of yeast and almost fell over at the price of $7.89 for 4 ounces! Good Gawd Y'all! It better last forever!

So now I'm going to go try to bake my first loaf of white bread in my new bread machine. More to follow...


  1. I have an apple peeler from Pampered Chef that peels, cores and slices. It's mostly metal and does a pretty good job as long as you have nice round shaped apples.

  2. Amy, that is just like mine. lol If I lean real close to the monitor I can smell those sweet apples cooking away, mmmmmmm. And for God's sake gaurd that yeast with your life... 2 bucks an ounce, my goodness. I have a feeling that as I write this the New Breadmaker is the star of the show at your house.


  3. Spinner, kitchen gadgets are great time savers! I wish I had my grandma's peeler. It had such panache.

    Chris, the yeast packets weren't much of a bargain either...$1.39 for 3!!! I'm kicking myself because I could have gotten them at Aldi for 39 cents last week if I'd known I was getting a bread maker then.

  4. That's a neat peeler- I have the "old-fashioned" kind but it takes to much off the little apples. (Lots of waste!) I may check into getting one of these!

  5. Paula, the manufacturer is Starfrit and I bought my on Happy peeling!

  6. Hooray for you! Do you know you can water bath can that stuff? I use to do it when I lived in Idaho. Do you make your apple butter with apple cider? Just boil it down to half it's volume and add the apples. Yum! As for the yeast, yeah, I know, though yours is even more expensive than mine is out here. Just this week I discovered that the same jar of yeast only cost me $3.66 at Wal-mart but was $6.50 on sale at my local grocery store! I'll be buying my yeast at Wal-mart from now on. I use to buy it in bulk at Sam's club but there is only one around here at the far north end of town so we haven't renewed our membership. I also use to get it cheaper at the Health Food store, but none of the Health Food stores here in AZ seem to sell it!

  7. Kathie, I have much to learn about food preservation methods. I'm taking baby steps right now...freezing is easy! I might tackle more advanced methods in the near future, perhaps next year when I put a garden in. I hear ya on the yeast! I'm going to look for a cheaper supply in Kmart/Walmart stores. I wish it was like sour dough starter and would replenish itself!

  8. Mmmm...ya know, it seems that every post I add my comment to, on your blog, starts with 'mmmm', but seriously, I can't help it!
    You've been a baking, cooking, roasting diva lately, eh?

    My apple trees didn't produce this year due to late hail storms and freezes and May and June. Brrr.

    So far, we're having a mild fall, so I hope this is a sign of things to come for the winter, too.
    I so want to make some of these yummy apple dishes next fall with my own apples.

    New Mexico


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