Monday, April 6, 2009

Peeps TV Episode 2

Don't be fooled by this seemingly innocent appendage. In a few months this little foot will be capable of unrivaled damage. Chickens are great excavators. I was pulling my hair out last year trying to figure out how to keep them from damaging my landscaping and then I discovered bird netting. Now I don't have to deal with scattered mulch anymore.

The chicks are 4 days old now and their wing feathers are coming in and they are stretching their wings. I've named the bold little Barred Rock chick "Scarlet" after my favorite movie heroine who remained strong in the face of adversity.

The broiler chicks are bulking up pretty quickly. If you're thinking of getting some meat birds I highly recommend the red broilers available from Ideal Hatchery. The black broilers are nice too but they're not keeping up with the red broilers. Next time I'm ordering just the red ones. These chicks are active foragers too and don't just sit around on their rumps like Cornish X's do.

And now, without further ado, I present Episode 2 of Peeps TV. The little Delaware is fighting the urge to nap. Her name is "Blanche" after the character from "The Golden Girls". I'm trying to figure out who Dorothy and Sophia are going to be but I have a feeling it's going to be the two Speckled Sussex. In the video, the Delaware is on the left. Near the end you can see one of the red broilers standing in front of her.


  1. Oh, that one is so sleepy! How cute they are. Mine were already 5 months when I got them so I can't wait to have chicks.

  2. All the chicks appear very healthy. I've never had any Delawares but want some.

  3. How adorable they are! Easter Peeps!

  4. So cute!!!

    We love to enjoy farm life without the work(!), so we're sharing an award with you -


  5. This brings back memories of when I had the little peeps in a box in my office....I would just sit and watch them, amazed at how fragile they seemed! It amazed me when my one rooster, a Rhode Island Red, started out so fragile and sweet and ended up the meanest, strongest, and biggest rooster one could ever meet!

  6. Dorothy and Sophia are perfect for your SS chicks. My two are VERY opinionated!

  7. I'm thrilled to report that I found out last night that I CAN keep chickens in my city! I didn't realize they had passed a law for it (no roosters though). I'm seriously going to consider this, especially as I get closer to retirement and expect to be home more. Now all I can think of is fresh eggs every day :)


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