Monday, January 7, 2008

Seed Purchase

It has been a dream of mine for years and now I'm going to finally make it happen--I'm going to naturalize the east end of the fence row! And I'm going to do it all by scattering and sowing seed.

Yesterday I ordered:
  • 4,500 Apricot Foxglove seeds
  • 50,000 'Excelsior' Foxglove seeds (above)
  • 600 Echinacea purpurea seeds
  • 100 'Band of Nobles' mixed Lupine seeds (below)
I will wait till very early spring on a day before rain is predicted and I will go sow my little heart out. The Foxglove seeds will get mixed together and scattered widely amongst the tree trunks. I will hand plant the Lupines and Purple Coneflowers.
The Purple Coneflower is my favorite native American wildflower. I must have them wherever I am. I grew them from seed in Fremont and I will do the same here. I have so many garden plans in my head it's all I can do to keep my head from swimming! But this is the joy of gardening!

I also love Lupines but they aren't fond of Ohio clay. Fortunately for me (and them) the fence row's soil is rich with organic matter from centuries of leaf fall. The Lupines will have the soil they prefer which is a well-drained loam, rich and black with organic content!

Of course, there will be many other perennials introduced to the fence row, but all in good time. If I plant it all now what will I do for the next 30 or so years?

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  1. Oh, this sounds lovely! I wish I could come see it when it is all in bloom!

    I want to invite you to my blog where I am starting a theme on Wildflowers in Winter. There will be something different to blog about each week to take us into spring, on the topic of wildflowers. I'd love to have you share some of the things that grow in your area.


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