Friday, February 1, 2008

Migration Monitoring Workshop

I'm very busy working this week and haven't had time to write about much. When this work week is finished I'm going to relax and spend my downtime with Jim finishing some screech owl nest boxes. The funny thing about these boxes is their original purpose was packing material for some of the large equipment that's going into the new addition at work. What they held in place is beyond me but I got four really nice screech owl/wood duck boxes for FREE. And free is good. All they need are roofs, floors and 3" holes drilled. I'll post pics when they're finished.

I signed Derek and myself up for the following program at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory:

February 16th – Spring Raptor Migration Monitoring Workshop 1:00 – 3:30 PM – Black Swamp Bird Observatory Nature Center. This long term project is in need of volunteers to help monitor migrating raptors from March 1st – May 9th. These workshops offer information about this project, identification tips, and a chance to give Julie Shieldcastle a hard time! Please call 419 898-4070 to reserve a seat and program materials. FREE PROGRAM

I also invited the group to come out to the twelve acres and bird watch whenever they want. I think I will join the BSBO group after all. I would learn so much more about the birds that share the twelve acres with us than I would on my own. Plus I'll learn better ID methods for all the hawks we see out here.

Side note: the Red-Tailed Hawk family is baaaaaaack! Each afternoon at about 4:30 to dusk we get to watch the mated pair (henceforth known as Bonnie and Clyde) frolic at the end of the day. The male performs aerial acrobatics as he flirts with his mate. And yesterday we got to see the whole family: Bonnie, Clyde and two juveniles. They are a tight knit group and it's unusual to see only one. It's such a thrill to watch them. It's also very endearing to see raptors show affection toward each other and play together. What fun! Now that Bonnie and Clyde have returned, Cooper has been rarely seen. I miss her.


  1. I'm envious! If I lived near the Twelve Acres I'd come take that course with you! I'm glad you are taking it. Now you'll really be an assest when I can't ID a raptor!

  2. Kathie, it would be great if you could join us. It's going to be very interesting I'm sure. I can't wait to learn more about these awesome birds of prey.


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