Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ice Storm!

We had a heavy ice storm on December 9, 2007. As with all ice storms, it started with rain then gradually changed to freezing rain as the temperature dropped. I threw on some boots and a coat and ventured out to take some photos, placing each step very carefully on the icy ground. I captured this precious little Red-Breasted Nuthatch helping himself to a peanut. I suppose it helps to have grippy feet when your restaurant is coated in a slippery glaze of ice!

Thankfully, there was little wind that day. I only had one tree branch snap. It was from a White Pine. The trees surely would have lost many more branches had there been any wind. Even with the slight breeze blowing I could hear the trees' branches crackle with ice and I held my breath hoping none would break.

The scenery was like that of a magical ice world where everything is coated in a thick layer of ice. It was absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately I had to go in to work that night but made the trip safely despite the slippery conditions. It all melted within 24 hours and I'm glad I managed to get a few pictures of it.

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